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Saturn Lamp

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Add some space to your space. This Saturn lamps is made using my in-house 3D printers. I use images captured by NASA to create a 3D model of the Saturn that is then printed out of environmentally friendly PLA plastic.

The sphere is about 5 inches in diameter with a ring size of about 10 inches. It fits neatly on shelves, desks and end tables. *The Rings do not light up*

This Saturn lamp add a finishing touch to desks, bedrooms, living rooms, and study areas. They are also great gifts for people who love space, science, astrology, and astronomy.

Each lamp comes with...

- A wooden stand
- Built in 16 Color LED Light
- Remote with a variety of light changing features
- USB charging cable (wall power adapter 'cube' NOT included)

They are lightweight (weigh about the same as a cup of water) yet are fairly durable (they can survive a drop or two). The battery charge lasts several hours.
You change the color by tapping, touching the silver ring on the bottom, or using the remote. Colors include white, orange, red, blue, purple, green, yellow etc.